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Earth's Best Natural Pest Management Extends Range of Natural Pest Control Solutions

Earth’s Best offers an extended range of natural solutions to pest management that have proven effective yet kind to the environment, making the first true alternative to toxic chemicals.


New Port Richey, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Images of pest control have become iconic, but for a lot of the wrong reasons. The tents that cover houses, gardens and driveways, the yellow coveralls and gas masks that have to be worn by those who spray noxious chemicals into the atmosphere, which must be decontaminated for days thereafter. Equally, those who grow plants have had to use these astringent chemicals or GM crops to avoid infestation, but not anymore. Earth's Best Pest Control has created a broad range of naturally derived pest control solutions that have proven both effective and kind to the environment.

The flagship product of the company is orange oil, using Florida oranges to create a concentrated ascorbic acid solution that eliminates everything from ants to aphids and fleas. The company has since expanded into indoor pest control, and providing humane traps for rats and mice, as well as specialist solutions for termites.

The company is certified by the pest control operators association of Florida and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company is known for creating only environmentally friendly solutions that are nevertheless easy to apply and use. The company has most recently created a poison-free bed bug eradicator to combat the sudden but long-lived epidemic.

A spokesperson for their online presence explained, “Our mission has been to produce products which offer swiftness of efficacy, deep penetration so that hordes cannot hide from these solutions, and poison free solutions so that the environment and the families that enjoy them are left safe. Many insect repellants and extermination gasses leave areas toxic for days thereafter and even kill living things like plants and grass that take months to recover, or require replanting. Our solutions create an ecosystem unlivable for pests while leaving everything else unaffected, providing the perfect way to deal with pest issues and stay insect free. Our extended product range all complies with our ethos of being kind to the environment while being as effective as the toxic chemicals they replace.”

About Earth’s Best
Earth’s Best have proudly served The Tampa Bay area and the rest of Central Florida since 1994, with the mission to provide a cutting edge alternative approach to pest management. Since that time, Earth’s Best Natural Pest Management has become hands-on experts in alternative pest control. Earth’s Best can always provide clients with the latest and most comprehensive range of services and information needed to protect children, employees, pets and the environment. For more information please visit: