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Easily Green Releases New Range of LED Downlights for Environmentally Friendly Offices

Easily Green has developed environmentally friendly lighting options for businesses and homes, including a new range of LED Downlights.


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Being environmentally friendly is an area that seems to have an escalating sense of urgency following recent noticeable effects of climate change, especially in Australia, where a new colour had to be added to the topographical weather scale to describe record high temperatures. Businesses in Australia are under pressure to cut energy consumption and carbon emissions, and as such, there is a premium in finding economical, green energy solutions. Easily Green, a commercial LED lighting provider, has been designing energy efficient lighting solutions for forty years, and has now released a new range of LED downlighters ideal for large offices.

The LED downlighters come in a range of sizes, from small individual units that can be used for lighting small to medium size offices to strip lights that can be used to illuminate open plan or even warehouse spaces. The technology used means that replacing traditional light sources is not just competitive, it’s advantageous, as companies will bigger savings in the long run. Many of the solutions reduce energy costs by up to 50% and come with long term warranties.

The company provides its products direct to businesses and consumers through their website, and commercial entities can email with details of their space and requirements to receive a free, no obligation quote, as well as advice and recommendations on the best and most energy efficient path to take.

A spokesperson for Easily Green explained, “The new range of LED Downlighters are perfect for large open spaces that require a lot of light- spaces it has previously been difficult to light in an economical and environmentally friendly way. Our LED arrays produce the same amount of light as a light bulb, with far longer lifespans, using only a fraction of the power. LED’s are also affordable, durable and easy to install, meaning it makes sense for companies to make the switch: not only do they save the environment, but they save on their energy outgoings too.”

About Easily Green
With 40 years of industry experience in environmentally friendly solutions, Easily Green provides energy efficient lighting and heating for businesses and individuals. Easily Green understands that every business is different. Easily Green specialise in taking the time to understand each business and its needs, to provide them with the best return on investment possible and the greatest energy savings over the long term. For more information, please visit: http://easilygreen.com.au/