East River Partners.Org Launches to Share Words of Caution with Potential Investors

East River Partners.Org provides an alternative view to the company’s official website, explaining the goings on beneath the corporate front to the property developer to warn investors.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- East River Partners is a New York property development firm that currently has eight projects ongoing throughout key areas of New York (Brooklyn and Manhattan), and is looking to aggressively expand their enterprise. To do this, they need funding, but how they are getting that funding is subject to some controversy, as co-founder and principal partner Jody Kriss embarks on a billion dollar lawsuit against Donald Trump and a hundred others, and slaps an activist blogger with a $20 million suit within 24 hours of his raising questions as to Jody Kriss’ legitimacy and his own ties to organized crime.

East River Partners.org aims to present a different view, using news and information from reliable sources to piece together the meteoric rise of Wharton graduate Jody Kriss and his business, which has an investment call to action prominently placed on its website.

To caution these investors, East River Partners.org sheds light on Jody Kriss’ serial litigation used to bully and extort, as well as settlements paid out to silence victims of lead paint poisoning by Kriss and his company. The site aims to discuss all the allegations being made so that people can go into any decision with their eyes open.

A spokesperson for East River Partners.org explained, “East River Partners, and the partners thereof, have been aggressive and punishing in their refusal to let first amendment rights be exercised by their critics, which is why we felt the need to launch a site cataloging events and dealings of these partners so that those who are being silenced can be kept on record for what allegations those partners sought to cover up. Everything from lead poisoning to mob connections comes to light through the sources we have amassed, and this is important information for potential investors to consider.”

About East River Partners.org
East River Partners.org is a new website dedicated to syndicating news about the senior partners in East River Partners, currently dominated by news surrounding the controversial Jody Kriss is and his multiple litigations. The site is regularly updated with news from reputable sources across the US and around the world, and hopes to inform potential investors of the true context of Jody Kriss and East River Partners.

For more information please visit: http://www.eastriverpartners.org/