Rabbits and Easter: A Cautionary Tale (Tail)


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- It’s that time of year again when children and parents think that a real bunny might be the perfect Easter gift.

After all, bunnies are so soft and so adorable…and practically irresistible!

But before you adopt a house rabbit to give to your child or to yourself, a cautionary tale (tail!) is in order. You really should keep these things in mind:
- House rabbits can live for 7-10 years, so they require a very large commitment on the part of parents and children.
- House rabbits should always live inside, as a member of your family. They are prey animals, which means that if you let them run around on their own outside, they will be in grave danger of being eaten.
- House rabbits require as much care and attention as cats and dogs.
- You must bunny-proof your home because rabbits will vigorously chew on your electrical wires, furniture, carpet, rugs, baseboards and anything else they can get their teeth on. They aren’t being naughty when they do this; rabbits do this instinctively to keep their teeth from growing too long. (Bunny teeth grow five inches a year!)
- House rabbits should be spayed or neutered; otherwise they will mark your home in a very messy and unpleasant way.
- Rabbits are ground-loving animals who typically don’t like to be held. So if you are truly hoping for an Easter snuggle bunny, consider the plush or human variety!

If your heart is still set on bringing a house rabbit into your life, there are three wonderful new resources for learning about how a bunny will transform your life – and also bring enormous amounts of love and laughter into your home!

Cutest Bunny Blog:

Juniper Smith, (nicknamed Juni the Wonderbunny), is a Dwarf Hotot bunny from Washington State. Juni posts new photos and stories every day on her delightful blog:

Juni’s “Eat Your Lettuce” blog is utterly kid-friendly. With over 1,000 postings to date, visitors will get to know this bunnyrific ball of fluff as she hops, flops, climbs, runs, explores and spreads bunny love wherever she goes.

Visitors can also leave messages for Juni the Wonderbunny, and this clever rabbit will read and respond to these messages!

Cutest Introductory Bunny eBook: “Eat Your Lettuce

"Eat Your Lettuce" is the delightful first volume in the new children's eBook series, "The Bunnyrific Adventures of Juni the Wonderbunny."

Written in charming rhymes, this story will bring smiles to the faces of its readers, and to those to whom the book is read!

Juni is a two-year-old house rabbit with a very playful personality. Readers will learn about the unique, quirky and surprising behaviors of rabbits, including what they need to eat to stay healthy, how they exercise, how they play and why they chew on just about anything in sight!

If you and/or your children are considering adopting a house rabbit, this is a wonderful first introduction to what it takes to be a good bunny parent!

Funniest Bunny eBook Sequel: “Bun on the Run

"Bun on the Run" is the very funny second volume in the new children's book series, "The Bunnyrific Adventures of Juni the Wonderbunny."

Also written in adorable rhymes, this eBook will inspire you and your children to get up and play!

Readers will learn about Juni the Wonderbunny’s unique, quirky and surprising behaviors, as she proceeds on her hilarious, daily routine of eating, running, hopping, exploring, resting, twirling and exercising!

If you and/or your children are considering adopting a house rabbit, this is eBook will introduce you the pure fun that a bunny can bring into your home!

These eBooks and the daily “Eat Your Lettuce” bunny blog are written by Dr. Jan Smith, whose area of academic expertise is children and television. Children will enjoy the imaginative and vivid storytelling, and parents will enjoy the stories’ expanded vocabulary and the excellent lessons that rabbits can teach people!

They will make you and your children hop for joy!

Now that Juni’s eBooks are available on, parents can read Juni the Wonderbunny rhyming stories to their children at bedtime, either on their iPads, other tablets, PCs, Macs, Kindle Fires or iPhones! These are sweet stories about rabbits that also help children understand the responsibilities of owning a pet bunny, and cover such topics as nutrition, grooming, exercising and playful bunny behaviors.

Juni isn’t the Easter Bunny, but children see many bunnies during the holiday season and may want to adopt one. If your child is among those hoping for a bunny this year, start with Juni’s blog and eBooks to familiarize your child with the many joys and responsibilities of being a bunny parent.

Just published via and Kindle eBooks, “Eat Your Lettuce” and “Bun on the Run,” are some of the best children’s books available on bunny parenting.

Juni has a lot of full color photos on the links to her eBooks. Simply click on them and enjoy the “Look Inside” photos!

Visit Juni’s blog today:
“Eat Your Lettuce”

Juni’s two new Bunnyrific children’s eBooks Links are below:

“Eat Your Lettuce” eBook:

“Bun on the Run” eBook: