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Eastern Pools Announces Services Geared Toward Commercial Customers


Norton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 -- Eastern Pools, a provider of pool services and pool supplies in the northeast area of Ohio, has advertised its ability to provide pool services and supplies to commercial customers in addition to its residential customer base.

In the published statement regarding their ability to serve commercial customers, Eastern Pools acknowledges that the pools maintained for a variety of reasons by many businesses, corporations and institutions require pool services at the same level of personability and professionalism as pools at homes do. In many cases, continues Eastern Pools, these commercial clients require an even more extensive and specialized set of pool services, as certain commercial codes may require them to maintain strict and high standards of cleanliness and safety. The frequent use of these pools and their use by a diverse array of people are also cited by Eastern Pools as a contributing factor to their specialized work with a commercial clientele.  In addition to pools, the northeast Ohio pool services company explains that they also have considerable experience and expertise dealing with the hot tubs that are often maintained on the premises of many corporations and other institutions. 

Information concerning their services can be found at

As evidence of their experience and capacity to deal with the pool and hot tub service requirements of commercial customers, Eastern Pools has provided an extensive list of the types of commercial customers they have worked with in the past. Many of these commercial customers obviously maintain some type of pool or aquatic fixture on their premises: public pools, hotels, motels and resorts, campground pools and schools, colleges and universities, park and community pools, apartment and condo complex pools, spas, gyms and fitness clubs. In addition to these readily apparent locations for pools, Eastern Pools' clientele list includes many other facilities that maintain pools including restaurants and bars, private business pools, therapy pools, health clinics and hospitals, golf and country clubs and sports arenas and venues.

About Eastern Pools
Eastern Pools has provided both commercial and residential pool services to customers in five Ohio counties for more than 50 years since their 1963 inception in Norton. Family owned and operated from the beginning, their staff brings a combined industry experience of over 200 years to the table. They carry a wide range of reputable pool products and brands including Raypak, PoolMaster and Anchor Covers, among others. For more information on Eastern Pools, they may be contacted via the contact information provided below. More information is also available on their website, also listed below.

Eastern Pools, Inc.
Address: 4953 Wooster Road West, Norton, OH 44203
Phone: 330-825-2214