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Eastern Pools Expands Its Pool, Spa Repair and Maintenance Services to Include Water Testing and Treatment

Eastern Pools, Inc. has introduced water testing and treatment services to all its residential and commercial pool clients in Norton Ohio. The newly introduced services are part of the company's pool repair and maintenance services and they include onsite and in-house pool water testing and treatment.


Norton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- Eastern Pools, Inc. acknowledges the importance of water treatment for any swimming pool or spa. That is why the company has introduced water testing and treatment services under their pool, spa repair, and maintenance services.

Eastern Pools, Inc., a pool and spa company based in Norton, OH, has continued to expand its pool and spa services by introducing water testing and treatment services. The company has even dedicated an entire section in its website to its water treatment and maintenance services. The company tests pool and spa water on request to determine the amount of chlorine in the water, along with ph levels and other things. According to Eastern Pools, it is very important to take care of the water in a swimming pool or spa. Pool or spa water should be tested regularly especially if the pool or spa is used frequently for pool parties or other get-togethers.

The company tests the water to ensure that it has the right chemical balance. Chemically imbalanced water can expose pool and spa users to infections and can also damage the pool or spa heater, resulting in costly repairs. Eastern Pools recommends at least weekly water testing and more frequently during the hot weather and heavy use.

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Eastern Pools offers its water treatment services during the pool opening season. The company also treats water in a newly constructed pool or spa. Eastern Pools can send its professionals to test water at the site of the client's swimming pool or spa. The clients can also take a sample of the pool or spa water to the company's premises for testing. Eastern Pools has testing kits that help decipher the chemical balance of any pool or spa, and a wide variety of products to help keep the water clean. The company maintains a Taylor testing station that utilizes the new "Lamotte Spin Lab" computerized water testing, guaranteeing more accuracy in the readings in just 60 seconds.

About Eastern Pools, Inc.
Founded far back in 1963, Eastern Pools, Inc. has a combined total of more than 200 years of experience in sales and the service of pools and spas. The company serves a 5-county area in Ohio servicing private pools and spas, public pools, park and community pools, therapy pools, campground pools and all kinds of commercial swimming pools and spas. Eastern Pools also maintains a one-stop pool and spa shop containing all kinds of swimming pool and spa equipment and products including pumps & filters, floats and toys, pool chemicals & accessories, aquabots, pool liners, solar pool & spa heating equipment, and many other products.

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