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Eastern Pools Inc. Celebrates over 50 Years in a 5 County Area


Norton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2016 -- Having a pool or spa is a luxury that no owner wants to let fall into ruin. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the ownership of these two commodities, even though they add value to a business or residence. That is why it is important to find the right company to handle their services. Pool and spa service companies need to have a reliable track record and have the right workers and equipment to handle the many services that their clients require for their pool or spa. Eastern Pools Inc. has been servicing their 5 county area for over 50 years.

With that much experience, they are able to handle the many different aspects of pool and spa services and repair efficiently and correctly. The clients of Eastern Pools Inc. state that they can depend on the fact that they have the experience and technicians available to handle all of their pool and spa needs. Along with their longevity and success, Easter Pools celebrates their loyalty to their clientele, and vice-versus. They have notably remarked that loyalty works both ways, and they are proud to have their client's.

Service and repair are the most important elements to the upkeep of any pool or spa. This is why Eastern Pools Inc. has made sure to keep these key factors of their business strong. When a pool or spa pump goes out, there can be damages to the pool's filtration and other systems. It could also cause the water to become unsanitary. Eastern Pools Inc. understands the importance of timely repairs for pools and spa units. They are equipped and staffed with knowledgeable servicemen and tools to handle the many maintenance and services needed to keep pools and spas clean and running optimally, putting safety first.

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Another important factor that comes with having a pool or spa is having the correct chemicals, cleaners, and parts necessary for the personal upkeep. Some pool and spa service companies don't have places for their clients to come and get pool and spa supplies to keep up with the maintenance that they are capable of doing themselves. Eastern Pools Inc. understands that some clients would like to maintain their pool and spa areas themselves. This is why they have dedicated their store to supplying their clients with all of the tools and supplies that may be necessary for proper pool and spa upkeep. Keeping a proper stock of the supplies that are needed for their clients to be self-sufficient is how Eastern Pools Inc. has managed to maintain positive business relations for over 50 years. They offer advice and answer questions, helping their clients make informed decisions.

About Eastern Pools Inc.
Eastern Pools Inc. is a family owned company that has employees with a total of over 200 years of experience in the spa and pool industry. They have been family owned and operated since 1963 and have a commitment to their clients that can be unequaled. They have the most extensive parts inventory in their service area and are always ready and available to answer their clients many questions about their pool or spa.

Eastern Pools Inc.
4953 Wooster Road West
Norton, OH 44203
Phone: 330-825-2214