EastRiverPartners.Info Launches to Provide Behind the Scenes Information on the Partners

EastRiverPartners.Info has been created to inform potential investors and partners of the hidden history of the company’s principals and partners, including the controversial Jody Kriss.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- East River Partners is a New York property development firm that is making headlines, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Its partners, specifically principal Jody Kriss, are pursuing multiple litigations simultaneously for huge sums of money, including $1.6 million, $20 million and an incredible $1 billion dollar lawsuit. These suits are directed at a varied range of targets, from Donald Trump to a New York City blogger. EastRiverPartners.Info is a website that is piecing together the details on these cases, as well as the history of the partners themselves, to try and get to the bottom of it.

The latest post on the site recounts Jody Kriss’ meteoric rise through the ranks of the Bayrock Group, enlisting his father as a legal consultant before taking the company to court for embezzlement, while he himself was CFO. The article raises questions as to how a CFO could be ignorant to such a large-scale embezzlement, and how evidence of his involvement in Bayrock Group is being sought out and destroyed.

The site also has a great deal of information on the other lawsuits carried out by Jody Kriss, and information from Russian radio on possible mob connections. The site paints a picture of both business systems and legal systems being used as a method for siphoning funds, rather than for their intended purposes.

A spokesperson for EastRiverPartners.Info explained, “East River Partners is on the verge of some huge contracts, and has eight current projects underway throughout prime real estate in New York City. When a political activist researched Kriss and raised criticisms of his company being trusted with Brooklyn redevelopment, he was facing a $20 million lawsuit within 24 hours. Such aggressive tactics suggest there can be no smoke without fire.”

About East River Partners Info
East River Partners Info is a website dedicated to providing an alternative perspective to the surface level corporate image of the investment and property development firm. The site syndicates information shared on other reputable sources as well as commenting on the narrative structure of events to present a more in-depth discussion of what is going on under the surface.

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