EastRiverPartners.net Publishes New Jody Kriss Profile

East River Partners is a property developer where Jody Kriss is principal partner and an independent assessor has shared a profile of Kriss to give investors a proper context on the company.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- East River Partners is a property development firm is a New York City focused private equity investment and real estate development firm that attracts no shortage of investors and has its fingers in many of New York’s development pies. However, the partners themselves, namely principal Jody Kriss, have varied reputations, and a reputation for litigation, that should be held up to scrutiny by people before they decide to invest. EastRiverPartners.net is an independent website launched to help individuals see a clear and impartial context on the partners before investing.

The latest publication on the site has been syndicated from Litony.com, which makes strong claims based on a picture painted by Jody Kriss’ many litigations in the last four years, including a billion dollar lawsuit against Donald and Ivanka Trump, among nearly a hundred others. In the profile, Litony makes the argument that these litigations are being used to fund the real estate development business.

These allegations are among some of the less damning on the site, including a link to a Russian radio station that spends approximately fifteen minutes discussing possible mob connections to Kriss. When a New York blogger raised the same questions, Kriss slapped a $20 million lawsuit on him within twenty-four hours.

A spokesperson for EastRiverPartners.net explained, “We do not believe that anyone should enter into an agreement with a company without knowing how that company operates. No matter how big a company is it is simply a combination of individuals, often likeminded individuals, and those individuals at the top of the food chain carry the greatest influence. After so much controversy has surrounded Kriss it is interesting to note that he remains a principal at East River Partners, even entering litigation against Bayrock Group, where he was CFO, allegedly to fund his new enterprise off the back of his old one.”

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EastRiverPartners.net is a website dedicated to informing the business world of the dealings of the partners in East River Partners, centering on principal Jody Kriss. The website is regularly updated with news and views from guest posters and outside sources, collating all information for a robust context into one location.

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