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Easy Ask Gives Companies More Tools for Site Evaluation


Burlington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- In modern business a website is often the first portal or point of contact that a potential customer will have with that company. The website needs to look sleek and professional, and the site needs to be easy enough to navigate that customers can find what they are looking for with ease. Easy Ask is a new site search tool that gives companies a new way to monitor their site traffic and site searches.

When a customer comes to a website, they do not always know where to go to find what they want, and if they have to click through pages and pages of items in a menu, they will get frustrated and leave. More and more, customers are using the site search feature of the website to take them directly to the item that they want to purchase. Easy Ask provides an intuitive and natural language search algorithm that gives better and more relevant search results, weeding out the clutter and making the shopping experience more enjoyable for the customer.

For site owners, Easy Ask also offers a range of important site evaluation tools. With graphical analysis, site owners can see where searches are heading, and whether or not customers are finding what they are looking for when they make a search. More importantly, if there are products that are not being hit by the searches, Easy Ask can help site owners add more search terms or make a product associated with either new keywords or more existing keywords. This helps to keep the site working well for the company and driving more revenue for the business.

A site that does not work properly is more trouble than it is worth, and with the products available at companies will have more tools to make their sites fully optimized. The best investment that a company can make in their website is software driven by Easy Ask.

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