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Easy Ask Increases Average Sales


Burlington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Customer acquisition costs are one of the highest costs that a business can have, and even the largest and most established companies still spend millions of dollars a year on customer acquisition. When a customer comes to a website, the company wants to make sure that that person spends money, and buys product, and they want the sale to be as large as possible. With the software from companies will see an increase in the average sale made through the site.

When a customer shops online they are often single-minded. They know that they want a particular item, and they want to find that item as quickly as possible and then move on to something else. The innovative software from enables customers to find relevant search results more frequently by recognizing what customers are searching for and giving them the most relevant results.

What has been missing from most e-commerce platforms has been the ability to up-sell or cross-promote items. In a brick and mortar store, this is one thing that employees are trained to do, but there are no salespeople on a website. Too often online shoppers only buy the item that they came to buy, and the company misses out on potential complementary sales. For instance, when a customer purchases a fishing rod online, relevant complementary sales would be things like tackle boxes or waders. With the software from , companies can integrate up-selling and cross-promotion into their search results. Now customers will see products that they might not have thought to purchase, and many of them will make the additional purchase, increasing the average ticket for each sale.

By increasing the average sale, companies get more from each dollar that they spend on customer acquisition. The tools available at will give businesses a partner who will work to up-sell products and make more complementary sales, which will increase the value of each customer.

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