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Easy Ask Integrates Natural Language


Burlington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Poor spelling and bad grammar are part of internet culture and they are things that regular internet uses deal with constantly. Humans can adapt to these issues easily, as they can see what the user meant, but computer algorithms have a much more difficult time with these problems. For websites this has meant that their site searches are particularly ineffective, as they are not able to return results that customers really want, and so companies miss out on potential sales. Easy Ask has now integrated natural language into their search algorithm, revolutionizing site searches.

With Easy Ask powered searches, end users are less constrained by spelling mistakes than they have been before. All too often, if the user did not spell every word of their search correctly, they faced a “no results found” error. Every time this happens, customers get frustrated and they are likely to give up and move on from that website.

The natural language algorithm from Easy Ask changes the approach to the way that end users make their site searches. Now when customers make a search, the software from Easy Ask will anticipate what the customer is trying to purchase. The software autocorrects spelling mistakes, and customers will have the option to autocomplete their searches. Natural language also allows users to find results for plural terms and hyphenated words that they would not have been able to find before. Natural language also uses term stemming to find related words and complementary products that the customer might not have been aware of or might not have considered purchasing if left on their own.

The inclusion of natural language into the Easy Ask algorithm makes site searches more powerful and more relevant to what customers want. Customers will have a better end user experience and they will make more purchases with Easy Ask than the site would have been able to produce on its own.

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