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Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Easy Income Tax Filing Online, a useful website is helping millions of users pay their income tax effortlessly.Users can easily get the job done when it comes to filing tax return with TurboTax. The site helps them with an easy, accurate and hassle free tax return filing.

When contacted, Frank Ellis, the owner of firm said, “Tax return time is one of the most miserable times for all since a number of people do not know the exact process and requirements to pay tax, or receive a tax refund. They do not know whom to consult and how to consult.” He further added, “Here at Easy Income Tax Filing Online 2014, we assure that people get all the help they require for paying their tax. We would be helping people to file their 2014 tax returns as well and gain the fastest refund directly deposited into their bank accounts.”

According to the sources,Easy Income Tax Filing Online is helping people file 1040, 1040a, 1040EZ and other required forms by asking questions in easy and simple English and putting the answers on the right forms. It also helps users in searching over 350 tax credits and deductions automatically.The website guides the users in the whole process of tax payments and ensures that they are not worried even if they are not aware of current tax laws or the forever changing tax rates, rules and regulations.

The website has software called TurboTax 2014 online that allows users to organize and file their taxes without any kind of trouble. It has some advance tools that help in identifying the least amount that people need to pay as tax. The site also offers correct Federal and State tax returns.The online program on software performs all the math calculations for the user. When a user enters his financial data, the program automatically calculates refund and what he owes in taxes. The program is available at affordable prices. The price tag is on the lower side when it comes to comparing costs when consulting a CPA.

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Easy Income Tax Filing Online’ is a useful website that helps users to pay their income taxes easily and without problems.

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