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Easy IRA Solutions Warn of the 5 Things Killing America's IRAs and 401ks

Retirement funds are still in jeopardy, and Easy IRA Solutions are leading a movement in a jail-breaking service that allows users to self-direct their IRA funds when it fails to meet expectations.


Morris, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- Most people do not know that the 401(k) was never intended to be a self sufficient retirement plan, but part of triumvirate of social security, company pensions and the then newly created 401(k). Sadly for Americans everywhere, the 401(k) was so much cheaper, companies froze their pension plans and replaced them with 401k, kicking a leg out from under the so-called ‘retirement stool’ and leaving large numbers of the workforce toppled. Easy IRA Solutions have begun to explain to 401(k) investors the unhappy side effects of this move.

The company explains that this shift created millions of employee investors for Wall Street and the financial community and like wolves in a hen house, they pounced. The financial community took advantage of 401(k) investors and thus the tax exempt savings account was replaced by a list of poor choices and numerous undisclosed fees which rewarded the brokers and not the investors.

Fortunately Easy IRA Solutions (EIS) offer a solution: a self-directed IRA, in which EIS will ‘jailbreak’ an IRA and let individuals be responsible for managing their own prosperity for the future. They not only free up the IRA, but assist their clients in the more conservative and higher-yielding alternative markets. This liberates individuals from putting their hard-earned money into an investment scheme designed to put the banks ahead of the investor.

The article, just published by Easy IRA Solutions, goes on to detail the numerous other reasons 401(k)s are bad for investors and give advice on how and why to get free.

An Easy IRA Solutions spokesperson issued a stark warning, “Just some of the fees include, Legal Fees, Trustee Fees, Transactional Fees, Stewardship Fees, Bookkeeping Fees and even Finders' fees. More than half the fees are hidden and cannot be found anywhere in the prospectus. These fees can eat up half of your income in some 401(k) plans over a 30 year span. Let us show you how to jailbreak your IRA or rollover 401k, get you out of the market and into the alternative markets that really are lucrative, and show you how to get the best out of them.”

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They have been unlocking poor returning IRA's and rollover 401k's and creating an IRA that can invest in non-traditional investments for over 7 years. They specialize in educating people in alternatives to the high cost of Gold/Silver IRA's, educating them on the alternative to the high cost of metal storage. For more information, please visit: http://www.easyirasolutions.com/