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Easy Legal Finance Inc. Offering Non-Recourse Advance Against Future Settlement

A Non-recourse advance on a personal injury lawsuit can be immensely helpful for plaintiffs in Toronto, enabling them survive a period of tough financial hardships. There is no requirement of a credit check or collateral.

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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- A lawsuit pre-settlement loan is a non-recourse advance provided to a plaintiff prior to the execution of the settlement agreement or verdict. The advance is provided on the basis of the projected future settlement or award. There is no income verification or credit history required, and a decision regarding the loan is made by the financing company after speaking to the lawyers involved in the case. Easy Legal Finance Inc. is a company of repute offering such advances to personal injury plaintiffs.

“If you lose the case, you simply owe us nothing, which makes the loan completely risk-free. For plaintiffs facing financial burden, a loan advance can bring big relief. It can be used as needed by the plaintiffs, for example, to pay for children’s tuition fees, day to day bills or cover medical expenses. When it can take years to settle a case, several plaintiffs have no choice but to seek a cash advance,” stated a senior executive with the company.

Cash advances for pre-settlement funding are inherently different from conventional loans. While financial institutions won’t usually sanction a loan without factoring in the applicant’s income and credit record, these facts won’t even be considered when applying for a pre-settlement loan advance. Timely financial assistance enables plaintiffs to resist the pressure of the defendants to settle for an early agreement that is often not favorable for the plaintiff. Non-recourse pre-settlement financing can be an excellent way for plaintiffs to pay for necessary living expenses.

The executive added, “When you are first injured, that is an important time to document the damages and help build your case. A lawyer will help to build a legal case for damages. Some people may decide to handle their own legal claim to avoid paying fees to a lawyer. However, a lawyer has the experience to help get a better settlement. In any event, if there is financial problem, we are always there to assist you.”

Easy Legal Finance Inc. understands the situation the plaintiffs often face and is willing to provide them with an advance at the earliest opportunity. They review the case and if there are reasonable chances of the plaintiff winning the lawsuit, will likely sanction a loan. Get more info about the immediate financial assistance they can offer.

About Easy Legal Finance Inc
Easy Legal Finance Inc. deals with lawsuit funding during the pre-settlement stage of trial. They offer loans only on a case assessment, allowing plaintiffs to survive the demanding period. When it comes to litigation funding in Toronto, they are a trusted company of litigants finding themselves in deep financial trouble. Visit www.easylegal.ca to find out more information.