Easy Legal Finance Inc.

Easy Legal Finance Inc. Provides Lawsuits Loans on Merit of Cases

Toronto based Easy Legal Finance Inc. is engaged in offering rapid funding to personal injury plaintiffs waiting for the settlement of their lawsuits. They provide loans only on the merit of the cases without considering an income or credit record.

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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- For most personal injury settlement plaintiffs in Toronto, waiting for litigation to wind through the courts is an upsetting experience. It takes time and may be devastating for anyone in financial distress. Easy Legal Finance Inc. works with plaintiffs to structure pre-settlement loans that fit with their specific requirements.

“You can choose between a monthly stipend and a one-time lump sum. If you need to fill in an income gap caused by an injury, a monthly stipend may be the right product. Our approval process is simple and straightforward, with a one-time administration fee and that too, is only paid when one gets approval for the loan and the loan is repaid in the future. Financial experts with the company help the clients through the paperwork,” commented a senior executive.

Plaintiffs facing trouble paying their bills is nothing new. Even in the cases when they win their lawsuits, they may not receive the actual payment for a long period of time. A Non-recourse advance they receive from Easy Legal Finance Inc. is immensely helpful to them in this scenario. Thanks to the funds, they are able to wait out the time needed for a fair settlement or award rather than accepting a low settlement forced on them by cash constraints. A decision is taken on funding by the finance company at the earliest opportunity once a plaintiff applies.

Talking about lawsuit funding, the executive stated, “If you are unable to earn money from a job and quickly require financial assistance, we can help. We do not take your credit record or current income into account. All we consider is the merit of the case going to court. Our experts will analyze the case, and talk to the plaintiff’s lawyers before arriving at a conclusion.”

What gives Easy Legal Finance Inc. an edge over their competitors is their easy approval process and stress-free repayment. Plaintiffs may easily apply for a loan online. Financial experts with the company discuss the case in detail with the lawyers before coming to a conclusion. The company will usually provide a loan up to 10-15% of the projected settlement amount. Get more information about the finance company here.

About Easy Legal Finance Inc.
Easy Legal Finance Inc. provides lawsuit funding during the pre-settlement stage of trial. Maintaining a rapid and stress-free application process for a lawsuit loan is the focus of the Easy Legal Finance team. The quick loans they offer help relieve plaintiffs of some of the financial worries, enabling them to concentrate on the claim. Log on Easylegal.ca to get more information about their loans.