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Easy Outside Repairs for a Wet Basement

The moisture that is present in a basement can ruin the walls and floors, cause mold growth and even damage the roofing.


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Solving a wet basement issue is one of the most important steps that can be taken to protect a home’s value, as well as the health of the residents of the home.

Not only will a wet basement smell and feel nasty, it also poses a large risk to the value of the home. If the problem is left unchecked, the moisture that is present in a basement can ruin the walls and floors, cause mold growth and even damage the roofing.

The good news is that wet basements are extremely easy to fix by simply diverting gutter water from the foundation of the home and clearing the gutters regularly. However, if the problem has originated from another source, such as water flowing down toward a house, water seeping from under the ground or being backed up in the municipal storm drains, homeowners will have to take much more aggressive action and call a professional basement waterproofing company.

Some strategies that can help keep water out of a basement are highlighted here.

Use Gutter Extensions
If a home’s downspout is dumping water that is less than five feet from the house, the water can be guided further out by using metal or plastic gutter extensions. However, this is not the most effective, or the best long-term solution, especially if the homeowner may trip over these or hit these with a lawn mower. Instead, consider investing in an underground drain pipe, which has the ability to move large amounts of gutter water much further away from the home.

Plug any Gaps
If there is dripping water into the home’s basement through gaps or cracks that surround plumbing pipes then gaps should be plugged with polyurethane caulk or hydraulic cement. A plug will work when the problem is that there is a hole that is allowing the water to go through a joint where the walls and floor meet or up through the floor. However, if the issue is groundwater a simple plug will not be the answer.

Restore the Crown
If the gutters are draining water properly and all holes have been plugged, but there is still water dribbling into the crawl space or basement or high up the foundation walls then it means that the surface water is not able to drain from the house as it needs to.

This may mean that the house is sitting on a crown of soil that is not sloped properly. As the soil around the foundation of a home settles, it will also dissipate. This can be built back up with dirt and a shovel.

Using these tips a wet basement issue can be rectified, helping to preserve the value of the home, as well as the health of those that reside within its walls.

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