Easy Rig Lease Now Offers Semi Truck Leasing with Take over Payment Option


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Semi truck and big truck leasing has been simplified by Easy Rig Lease and their affable modus operandi. They provide their clients with a very amiable service. While most companies out there don’t deal with clients who have a bad credit history, they perform strict surveys on a client’s credit score before signing a leasing dealership. The leaves people with bad credit no option for vehicle leasing and they end up looking everywhere and browsing through directories and databases for hours.

Easy Rig lease not only works with bad credit clients, the company also conducts in house financing, which means the clients don’t have to make a deposit in the form of down payment prior to the leasing dealership. “Our goal is to make leasing semi and big trucks completely easy for our clients. We prioritize our clients and give them the best service then can get out there; there are no hidden charges and nor are there any complicated and problematic policies.” The representative for Easy Rig Lease stated, while discussing the company’s working methods and philosophy.

Easy Rig Leasing has made it completely simple for bad credit buyers to lease semi trucks and full trucks. They have a huge number of semi trucks for sale and will take over payments on semi trucks and leasing/ financing. The spokesperson spoke about the company’s amiable attitude and smart solutions that enable any buyer to lease a semi or big truck “Easy Rig Lease has significantly simplified it down. While other companies are critical and have a more cynical approach towards what type of clients they choose to business with, we work quite oppositely. Easy Rig Lease doesn’t perform a check for the clients’ credit score/ status. The client doesn’t even need to make a deposit for the down payment, that is all done in the house and everything that is left behind is the monthly installment.”

In house investment allows the buyers to lease a truck for business, without arranging a fat sum of money to be placed as a down payment. Most companies charge specific amounts as down payments, prior to any sort of financing. The rep for Easy Rig Lease further described about their take over payment option “At one point, some buyers want to end the installment period and take over the payment but instead they are bound to a tangible structure of monthly payments. We enable our clients with the facility to take over the payments on their semi or big truck lease any time that they like.”

About Easy Rig Lease
With a vigorous pursuit to business and excellent approach towards their clients, Easy Rig Lease has simplified everything and does an ideal choice for bad credit clients who want to lease semi trucks or big trucks for business.

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