Easy Rig Lease Offers Semi Truck Financing and Leasing with in House Financing


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- There aren’t many vehicle and automobile leasing companies out there that conduct in house financing. They require the clients to place a specific sum of money as down payment before any financing and leasing can be done. But contrary to popular methods, Easy Rig Lease performs in house financing for the convenience of their clients. Easy Rig Lease specializes in semi and big truck financing, not only do they conduct in house financing but they also work with bad credit clients.

Many vehicle and automobile leasing companies choose not to work with bad credit clients. A spokesperson from Easy Rig Lease explains why vehicle leasing companies refrain from dealing with a client that has bad credit scores “Five to six years back, leasing companies didn’t really check their client’s credit history and it was fairly easy to acquire a vehicle on lease. But now due to inflation of the economy and the loss of value for the US dollar, leasing companies are more critical about what type of clients they deal with. In fact many companies clearly state that they do not deal with bad credit clients at all because it is a risk to their business and their potential turnover value.”

Despite there being many companies that avoid bad credit clients, Easy Rig Lease is not one of them. The company works with bad credit clients and also performs in house financing. The rep for the company further went to explain how this is effective for their business and the clients “Easy Rig Leasing works with clients despite of their credit history. We simply do not refer to a client’s credit portfolio when closing a leasing deal; in fact Easy Rig Leasing doesn’t conduct any credit surveys or check at all. This is to provide people with a bad credit history an affable and reliable source for big truck and semi truck leasing.”

About easyriglease.com
The in house financing semi trucks company also deals in big truck and semi truck financing online. Their online inventory ranges from all new models to old truck models that have been made by the most renowned names in business. The leasing process can be completed online in very simple steps, which makes it easy for the clients and Easy Rig Lease to get started.

After everything is finalized and the vehicle is leased to the client, it is only a matter of an installment every month. The spokesperson also explained about the installment system and how it is budgetary for bad credit clients “Our monthly installments are fairly lower than what other companies offer, this may stretch the installment period to a longer period of time, but it also makes it easier for the customer to pay the installment on time.”

Easy Rig Leasing takes great pride in their effective and efficient working methodologies and is the ideal option for semi and big truck leasing for bad credit clients.

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