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Easy Skin Publishes New Content to Help People Make the Best of the Skin They Live In

Easy Skin has published a wide range of new editorials reaching out to men and women, addressing current trending products to help people get common sense advice on clear and healthy skin.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- No matter race, religion or politics, everyone has skin. And with that ubiquity comes a host of common issues, with everyone being dissatisfied with their skin at some point in their lives. From skin conditions to hormones to greasy food, all kinds of things can impact the skin, not to mention the ravages of the weather and carbon emissions. As such, people need to maintain their skin, and Easy Skin aims to make that process easy by publishing high quality editorials on products and ideas.

The EasySkin site has recently published a whole new suite of content which includes articles on the best face lotions for men, the truth about Dermawand and organic solutions for natural moisturizers ideal for sensitive skin. The site tends to upload articles in batches so there is a wide range of new content for regular readers each time they update.

The website uses an informal but informative tone, with a straight-talking integrity that makes it clear the site is not about promoting products but about giving common sense advice and insight into how to keep skin happy, healthy and clear.

A spokesperson for explained, “Although most of our audience is currently women, we have recently begun to appeal to the male market because men account for fifty percent of the population and actually have a higher incidence of skin conditions like eczema and acne than women, meaning the demand for the products is materially higher even if conversations on the subject are less commonplace among men. We are their secret weapon now, and at the same time haven’t forgotten about our regular audience, with on-trend reports on the latest products people are excited about, and natural alternatives for those looking to save money or steer clear of chemical heavy products.”

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