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Easy Video Suite Founder, Josh Bartlett, Has Just Announced New Features for His Popular Video Marketing Software


Trenton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- A quote from the official Easy Video Suite Facebook group reads, “EVS 1.1 has some awesome tweaks, speed increases and fixes, but most importantly, it has some KILLER new features that will help you get more results and profit from your videos.”

These new features, as it turns out, are not offered by any other video player on the market at this time. These features include Video Expiry, Video Surveys, Video Focus, and UTF8 Character Support.

Video Expiry
“With our new video expiry feature, you simply set a time and date for your video to expire,” says Josh. “And as soon as that time is reached, your video is automatically locked or removed completely.”

Video Surveys
In addition, the EVS team has also added a survey feature inside the video player. “With our special Video Survey Feature, you can use EVS to take polls and ask your viewers questions in real-time while they watch your videos,” Josh says.

Video Focus
As the web evolves, so does the technological capabilities of tools like EVS. One of these evolutions is the Video Focus feature. According to Josh, “you can now pause and start videos automatically as your viewer scrolls the page, so that the video the user currently has their focus on, will begin to play automatically.

UTF8 Characters
Many video marketers do not use English, which makes this last feature very useful for them. “We have widened the support for foreign languages within EVS,” says Josh.

Easy Video Suite markets itself as the ultimate all-in-one video marketing tool.

However, business owners should evaluate the pros and cons before investing their money in any tool, no matter how good it sounds.

- No installation.
- Unlimited video bandwidth.
- No external recording tools needed.
- Includes basic video editing features.
- Automatically converts video to mobile and web formats.
- Automatically uploads to Amazon S3 and/or YouTube.
- Runs on Mac and PC.
- Simple drag and drop interface.
- 60-day money back guarantee.

- $297 for personal license (contains Easy Video Suite logo)
- $397 for commercial (No branding)
- Video editing is limited. Windows Movie Maker for PC or iMovie/Final Cut Pro for the Mac are needed to advanced editing.
- Not a magic bullet. A quality product and good marketing are still required.
- Video content needed.

About Easy Video Suite
Overall, Easy Video Suite is a powerful video marketing tool that lives up to it’s name of being easy to use, and full of features for online marketers.

Visit the Official Website here.

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