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Amersfoort, The Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Ever wished computers came preloaded with all the good websites, and none of the junk? That's what the EasyLifeApp does for people. It allows users to stay updated, make money online and have fun at all the best websites without having to scour the Internet to find them.

What Is EasyLifeApp?

The EasyLifeApp is a free app that acts like an intuitive friend for the desktop computer. It is fun and easy to use. It works to make Internet browsing easier so people can save time and limit the aggravation that often accompanies trying to find what they need on the Internet. The application also provides tools that maximize their connection to the Internet. The app does a good job filtering out the search results that aren't relevant, leaving people with only relevant results. One satisfied user said, “What convinced me to give it a try is its promise of an unlimited Internet connection. It serves as an alternative to search engines that implement “safe search” limitations. It claims to allow users to make the most of their time online. I spent some time tying it and I can gladly say it delivers. It does what it purports to do as it bypasses default web search filters.”

Not Malware

Recently, the app has been the target of unwarranted accusations that it's nothing more than a virus or maleware. Some articles online make claims that anti-virus tools have been detecting the app as a threat. The truth is that the application is not a threat to ones computer. It has not harmed any computers. It isn't a virus, and does not spread files to other computers. Because it integrates with the computer's operating system to provide users with the absolute best online experience, some people have been misinterpreting this as a form of system intrusion, when it is not. Because this is an innovative application, and most people haven't used something like this before, they get a little anxious, which may be understandable. People should be careful about what they install on their computer, but they don't have to worry about the EasyLifeApp, because it's perfectly safe. It's purpose is to help the computer function better, not hurt the computer. It works with the McAfee anti-virus software to protect the computer from viruses by performing a virus scan easy day.

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Easylife Media Ltd.
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