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EasySendy Pro Launches Upgraded Hybrid Email System


Bengaluru, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2016 -- Email marketing in today's world of business has become a very important factor for the growth of business. Sending marketing emails as a part of an email campaign has become a very complicated process. Small and medium business organization finds it almost impossible to send bulk email to their subscribers and make them successfully land in their subscriber's inbox.

EasySendy Pro- a hybrid email marketing solution which helps small and medium business organizations in this tough world of competition. It has a gamut of features and advantages which helps them to reach out to their customers by ensuring high email delivery rate in their subscriber's inbox thereby resulting higher open rate, click rate and higher ROI for email marketing campaigns.

Businesses connect their cloud SMTP relay servers from Amazon SES, MailGun, SparkPost, SendGrid to deliver email campaign from single dashboard.

EasySendy Pro has been recently added new features which will make it all the more easier to use by its customers. Given below is the list of new features that has been added to EasySendy Pro.

Email List Management Enhancement:

- Pro has been added with the feature to export all subscribers at once from all lists and the user can also add company website to list company fields.

- One can manage his own blacklist / suppression list.

- User can manually subscribe request approval in the email list.

- Pro has also come up with the new feature of disabling / excluding a list of subscriber from the list.

- Now customers have the ability to specify why a subscriber unsubscribed.

- Customer has the ability to filter subscribers that did (not) open / click one/ all campaigns in the given timespan and taken action against them, such as disable them.

Email Campaign Management Upgrades:

- EasySendy Pro has been added with the feature whereby a customer can add custom campaign tags thereby enabling each and every data under that tag to appear at the same time.

- Pro has also been added with the feature whereby a specific reason / message will be mentioned in the campaign report for every bounce that will take place.

- Block status for campaigns is yet another feature that has been added to Pro.

- Admin has the ability to block campaigns if subject / content is seen to match various blacklisted words – This improves the quality of email content delivery.

- Customer now has the privilege to block a campaign if the bounce rate is over 3% on an email list – This prevents the customer from getting blocked from email delivery vendors.

- One can see the campaign sent detail for subscribers.

- Customer can also optionally track email opens.

- Under campaign management upgrades, Pro has the ability to see email campaign report chart.

- Yet another important feature has been added to EasySendy Pro whereby one can email template drag and drop editor.

Other Major System Enhancements:

- Pro has also been added with more options to click stats exporting.
- User can now taste the benefit of the feature whereby email template links can start with a tag.
- Customer registration form has now been added with captcha.
- Also, one has the advantage now to display and search in lists, campaigns and subscribers by their unique ID.
- Implementation of TWIG as the template engine for campaign templates has been done.
- API integration with email template partners.

About EasySendy Pro
EasySendy Pro has emerged to be one of the most customer friendly web based email marketing solutions, not only in terms of its usage but also in monetary terms. EasySendy Pro is further planning to release the following features like push notification, push subscribe management for mobile devices, IOS, android phones and browsers.

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