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EasyTitleSearch Is the Local Source for Florida Property Title Seekers Needing Quick, Efficient Service


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2012 -- The title search process involves examining all documents recorded on public record that are filed against owners or a legal description of the desired property, and can be quite a time-consuming affair for those unfamiliar with the process.

For those in Florida, given the level of state and local oversight throughout the process, and the red tape involved in securing accurate and timely records, there is little an individual can do to gain the needed information in a timely manner.

When dealing with foreclosures, especially in a state hit as hard by the market downturn as Florida was, many end up overpaying service providers to conduct title searches for them.

According to, foreclosure buyers need to pay particular attention to ownership and encumbrance reports, commonly called “pencil searches” within the industry. These are designed for the foreclosure investor interested in buying properties at auction. The reports are also used by renters to ensure property being rented by a landlord is not involved in foreclosure proceedings. Homeowners use them as a “house credit report” to see what mortgages and other liens are filed against their property.

Buyers of foreclosure and other property need a trusted source in the title search business that carefully searches Florida Tax Appraiser data, tax collector data, state registry filings and the Clerk of Court’s official records for information related to the ownership and encumbrances of a property, according to

“Literally hundreds of different types of documents are recorded on record, but not all of these documents affect the title or encumber a property. This is where our years abstracting experience comes into play,” said the site.

Services offered by the site include deed and mortgage information, judgments against property, tax information to show history of taxes on a property and any potential foreclosure auction information.

For property investors interested in purchasing foreclosure properties, it is important to receive information that is valid, accurate and timely. It is also critical to receive the information quickly, completely and securely.

EasyTitleSearch provides the complete services from Florida, and can be conducted usually within two days, efficiently and inexpensively. Each search includes: mortgage search; judgment search, performing a 20-year search on all names in the chain of title, and show all unreleased judgments and liens attached to property; lien search, searching out federal, state and county tax liens, code enforcement liens, municipal and special assessment liens, home owner association liens, as they transfer to next owner; deed search; Florida O&E Report; financing statement search; and a tax search, including three years of tax history to show both current and delinquent tax information.

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