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Eat and Think Pushes for Meal Planning to Combat Obesity


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Eat and Think Limited, a group of three registered dietitians that offers nutritional advice online, recommends that people take on a healthy eating plan in the wake of reports that obesity has become a serious health concern in the United Kingdom.

The National Obesity Forum recently published a report that half of the population of the United Kingdom will be obese by the year 2050. The report also said that obesity is likened to tobacco use in the 20th century, which means that people can avoid the problem as long as they have the discipline to do so.

The report also concluded that obesity levels among children and adults are on the rise, with obesity generally associated with advanced age. Even children are not spared from this problem, with the number of children who are obese described as ‘worryingly high.’ Poverty has also not been a factor at all in obesity, with obesity levels among those in deprived areas noticeably high.

Eat and Think Limited says that meal planning is crucial to the control of obesity levels. It encourages people to have healthy meal plans and to avoid fad diets that won’t work and often leads to unhealthy weight changes. It also advises that people eat regularly since the habit of skipping meals can result to overeating later on.

The group’s website offers nutritional advice in the form of diet recipes as recommended by dietitian London. Individuals who are interested to learn how to take a balanced diet, prepare low fat recipes, and learn more weight loss tips may visit the organisation’s website.

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Formed by three licensed dietitians in London, Eat and Think Limited promotes meal planning to prevent obesity and advance a healthier lifestyle. It has tons of information on anything diet-related like gluten free diet and low fat diet plan. It can also customise a meal planner for its subscribers who want to remain fit and healthy despite their busy lives. Visit their website at

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