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Eat Stop Eat Review Reveals Popular Weight Loss Option for Women

Daily Gossip reviews Eat Stop Eat, the latest method to lose weight and eliminate body fat naturally. This method promises to achieve all that, without affecting the metabolism.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- According to the Eat Stop Eat review on Daily Gossip, this method is the answer for many women who find it hard to hold a diet due to their busy schedules and lifestyle. The new program was created by Brad Pilon, who actually spent years researching with the purpose to find an effective way to model body weight easily and fast.

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Brad Pilon is a body builder and nutrition specialist. His book is based on numerous studies that promote the efficiency of fasting sessions. Consequently, in his book Brad Pilon explains that a 24 hour fasting session leads to increased growth hormone and decreased insulin levels, causing fat loss.

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According to, Brad Pilon claims that an increase in the growth hormone, low insulin levels, balanced cortisol levels, a good function of the adrenal glands and low calorie intake can lead to body fat elimination, without affecting muscle mass. This will happen in as quickly as 24 hours.

In the Eat Stop Eat review published by, readers will find that this method does not cause low energy levels. It actually improves the metabolic rate, as well as the increase of the growth hormone levels. During non-fasting days, users are allowed to eat what they enjoy.

According to Brad Pilon this method of losing body fat is very efficient, but using intermittent fasting without reading his guide thoroughly is not advisable. The author claims that the style of this method is unique and for the best results readers need to know exactly what they have to do in order to achieve their goals. Pilon’s guide explains with complex details each step of this program. Diet and exercising plans can also be accessed in this guide.

Daily Gossip writes that thousands of people have used this method until today. According to their testimonies, these individuals were able to lose weight naturally, achieving the looks they have always wanted. The method is very safe and anyone may use it.