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Eat Your Colors! New Children's Book Temps Pickiest of Palates - With Delicious Rhyming Exercises on Healthy Foods & Colors

Just in time for National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month! Conceived and written by Terry Harris, ‘Eat Your Colors!’ puts healthy choices front and center, in a vibrant and engaging new book. While using rhymes, illustrations and interactive exercises to get children excited about exploring new food groups, the book also gives young readers an opportunity to practice naming their colors. It is mouthwatering, engaging and guaranteed to get children’s palates off to a vivacious start in life…


Bethesda, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Every parent or grandparent has been there, as a child’s excitement for dinner turns to tears as a plate of ‘dreaded’ vegetables lands in front of them. Convincing young children to eat healthy foods is not always easy, but a captivating and vibrant new book turns making that choice into a rhyming adventure.

‘Eat Your Colors!’ is one of the few books about fruits and vegetables written for very young children. Through rhyme, exercises and stunning images - fruits, vegetables and their colors are introduced to children in a way that makes them simply delectable.

“My goal is to introduce healthy foods to children in an engaging way, while also bringing home the abundant benefits of eating healthy,” says Harris, who has almost two decades of experiences teaching young children. “I have children and grandchildren and, while we all know that they should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, I’m more than aware that getting them to pro-actively choose them is easier said than done.”

Each page includes vibrant images of each food, fun rhymes and a direct call for young readers to name the food and its color. From green lettuce and white cauliflower to yellow grapefruit and red apples, Harris hopes to empower even the pickiest of eaters to choose healthy options.

Reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Pediatric Clinical Dietitian Mary Ann Hammerle R.D., L.D, comments, “As a Pediatric Dietitian every parent I counsel states their child does not eat enough vegetables or fruits. Eat Your Colors! identifies two important food groups in a fun and educational way. We need family friendly ways to encourage children to eat healthy and Eat Your Colors! is a creative way to do that.”

Educator Martha Jenkins was equally impressed, adding, “Eat Your Colors! is a children's book that playfully guides little ones to good food choices through bright colors and fun rhymes. An excellent learning tool for young children. Every library and classroom should own a copy!”

‘Eat Your Colors!’, published by LifeRich, is available now: http://amzn.to/1qzpZxZ. For more information, visit: http://www.authorterryharris.com.

Sample Poem:
Yellow is yellow, soft and mellow;
Yellow for this hungry fellow.
Yellow corn is good to eat,
And squash, a sunny yellow treat.
Bananas, pears and pineapple, too,
They are all so good for you.
Grapefruit and lemons, tangy, tangy
Make my mouth feel twangy, twangy!

About Terry Harris
Terry Harris is a wife, mother, and grandmother who taught elementary school and preschool for sixteen years. She loves to write poetry and stories for her grandchildren and is the author of the poetry book Breathe with Thee. Terry lives with her husband in Maryland, near her children and grandchildren.