EAVBot (EAVBot.Co) - Automate Everyone's Empire Avenue Account

EAVBot (EAVBot.co), is officially scheduled to launch early 2014. EAVBot, the Empire Avenue software designed to collect EAves and invest in other members on autopilot, me be regarded as a game-changer potentially leveling the playing field.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- In November (2013), rumors surfaced about software being created to help Empire Avenue members fully automate their accounts.

After some speculation, members within the Empire Avenue community started to wonder if there was any truth to these rumors.

It was then, the official EAVBot (EAVBot.co) launched their website and announced their Empire Avenue automation software was in full development (despite failed efforts to secure the dotcom from a cyber squatter who registered the EAVBot.com domain name the day after an EAVBot associate mistakenly registered "EAVEBot.com").

For those unfamiliar with Empire Avenue; it is a social media website which stimulates a stock market by allowing members to purchase and trade shares of other members and websites.

Although there are many criteria that determine a player's stock value (i.e. level of social activity), the main purpose of the website is to reward players for being socially active.

Active players pay out the greatest dividends, which results in increased demand in their stock, which in turn leads to increased value of their stock price. The greater the demand for one's stock, the higher they rise in the ranks.

Players are also incentivized to run and take-on missions which pay out in Empire Avenue currency (EAv) -- further allowing them to invest in other players, or running social missions of their own.

Some mission examples include:

- Liking another member's Facebook page.
- Commenting on their blog posts
- Watching their videos
- Filling out surveys

It is already presumed that many of the elite players topping the leader board on Empire Avenue use custom software to complete mundane, repetitive tasks, or outsource a team to run their accounts for them.

That being said, the Empire Avenue Bot, EAVBot may be a welcomed game-changer for those struggling to manually manage their Empire Avenue accounts; it may help to level the playing field quite a bit.

Those wishing to get their hands on the official EAVBot can do so at http://EAVBot.Co.

Keep in mind, unless the official EAVBot logo (which can be found on EAVBot's Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/eavbot) is displayed on the website and software, they will not be purchasing an official EAVBot, and thus run the risk exposing one's computer to malware (trojans, viruses, identity theft, etc.).

At the time of this article EAVBot.com remains in the hands of an unscrupulous cyber squatter. Buyer Beware!

Address: 421 8TH AVE NEW YORK NY
New York, NY, 10001-9998

- Company and Business Name: EAVBot, LLC
- Contact Number: 669-444-0995
- Website: http://EAVBot.Co
- Contact person and Title: Chris Munson, Operator
- Real Email ID: press@eavbot.co