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eBay Comes Up with a New Idea for Shopaholics: Mobile Wednesday


Roswell, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2016 -- Several years ago, marketing executives came up with a day that made many people go completely nuts for sales, discounts, and rebates. That day, of course, is called Black Friday. However, people thought that wasn't enough, for they needed one more day to satisfy their hunger for shopping without the struggle of fighting with thousands of angry buyers over a TV. That's when Cyber Monday was born, the day where every single item online gets a huge discount and we can all enjoy the pleasures of consumerism. However, eBay reckons this is not enough, so they've come up with a new day for customers to spend their salary: Mobile Wednesday.

Basically, eBay wants to catch up with Amazon by giving customers a lot of discounts on the way to the Thanksgiving dinner. This means that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, most items on their website would be on sale.

But, why are they doing that? Well, per eBay's senior vice president of North America, their biggest growth periods have always been on Wednesday before thanksgiving, which is why they want to keep up with that tradition. The idea is that consumers buy when they are traveling.

Big retailers like Amazon or Best Buy are releasing their sales earlier in November each year. For that reason, days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday become less important as the years' pass. It is because of that reason, eBay has decided to introduce Mobile Wednesday.

People need to relax from all the stress that the presidential elections have brought them. And what better way to do so than shopping? Now they will have more than two days to release all that tension by clicking on "Buy".

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