Ebook "Let God Reign: Spiritual Disciplines That Activate the Power of God in Your Life" Launches Today


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- Many Christians reach a point in their life where going to church begins to feel like a routine. When this happens, church can begin to feel like their least favorite grade school class. Best-selling Kindle Author, Rhonda Jones, has launched a new ebook to help believers breathe new life into their Christian walk through spiritual practices that invite the power and presence of God into their life.

Rhonda’s updated ebook, “Let God Reign: Spiritual Disciplines that Activate the Power of God in Your Life,” integrates Rhonda’s personal experiences with 14 spiritual disciplines that transformed her life and the lives many others that she’s counseled. Let God Reign will help readers to enhance their relationship with God by drawing them closer to Him, “not through adhering to a set of rituals or traditions,” declares Jones, “but by surrendering everything to God and allowing Him to live in and through them.“

“My greatest growth and maturity came from depending on God through what appeared to be unbearable circumstances, times of isolation, hours of devouring the scriptures, and learning to “be still and get to know God for myself,” said Jones. Through her website, The Christian Meditator, Jones has dedicated the last eight-years promoting Christian meditation and spending quiet time with God.

God encourages us to work out our own soul salvation, stated Jones. “We can’t fully rely on the church or other external programs to help us grow spirituality,” she explained. Becoming centered in Christ means letting Him reign and rule in our lives, and that comes from creating a greater space for God in all things, not just those areas we can’t handle, she declared. Let God Reign, is for Christians who want to develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Christ through “living from the inside, out.”

“Let God Reign: Spiritual Disciplines that Activate the Power of God in Your Life,”can be purchased on Amazon from the Kindle Store for $2.99.

About Rhonda Jones
The Christian Meditator, Rhonda Jones, is the creator of over 25 Christ-centered meditation and affirmation CDs and the author of “Help Me God Change My Life” and the virtual workshop “Meditate Your Way to a Holier, Healthier, and Happier Life.” For more information on Christian meditation and other health-related resources, visit The Christian Meditator.

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