Ebook Series Martian Wars Continues Interactive Story Experience

After the success of the YouTube web series, the first episode of Martian Wars has been released.


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Peter Worthington’s ebook sci-fi series for teens, Martian Wars launches today, continuing the unique interactive story experience that started with the Martian Wars YouTube series. The web series was created to act as an introduction to the story. It followed Con, a twenty-something computer hacker, who is caught up in a government conspiracy. The ebooks send the reader five years into the future as an alien threat looms, threatening to invade Earth and destroy humanity.

The Martian Wars interactive story experience has already proven to be successful, with several thousand people engaging with the YouTube episodes and social media channels. In all there are 15 ebook episodes to be launched over the coming months. “Martian Wars: Invasion Plans (Episode 1)” is available to download through the iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle Store and through Google Play. Each subsequent episode will be released weekly, costing $0.99.

Media copies of the Martian Wars eBook episodes are available on request. To request a copy please email

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