EBook Takes the Guilt out of Saying NO

Finally … a simple, straightforward book that demystifies the art of setting boundaries gracefully. And you can download it for free during this two-day promotion.


Johannesburg, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- Set Your Boundaries Your Way: 7 Easy Ways to Say NO to Difficult People will be available for free on Amazon. Stephanie Sterner wrote this concise book to help people reclaim their power by saying “no” gracefully. The book has received an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, thanks to reviews like these:

“In just a few pages, this first-time author has given me a clear path to taking back my time, my choices, and my peace of mind from those who would like dominion over all three. I know exactly what change to make first in my communication. Thank you, Stephanie! I'll watch gratefully for more.” – Mary Ellen Rodda

“I have been dealing with a selfish, dishonest, manipulative salesrep at work for over 3 YEARS. This book finally helped me deal with him effectively.” – David A. Dunn

“Easy read with very useful advice….” – MP

“Ms Sterner has written a gem … Like having a wise, good friend.” - Sam

Why do readers appreciate this book so much? There are a number of compelling reasons:

1. The author spells out how to set boundaries, sharing a variety of ways to say “no.” Every reader will find ways to set appropriate boundaries without making excuses or becoming aggressive – and stick to them when the controlling, manipulation and guilt trips start.
2. She explains the principles involved, so that readers can understand what’s happening in an interaction – and stop feeling guilty about setting appropriate boundaries. Even those who can’t say “no” will find a place to begin.
3. There are two separate chapters on saying “no” to manipulation – politely or directly. The author understands that both approaches are needed.
4. There are many ways to say “no.” Ms. Sterner does not limit her readers by promoting a system or recipe for setting boundaries. What she does promote is understanding. The author takes apart the most common situations that readers face in their daily lives, uncovering the manipulations and providing many possible responses. There is no formula for setting boundaries with difficult people; one size does not fit all.
5. Everyone likes to please people, to have their approval. After finishing this book, readers will know how to recognize when people-pleasing simply isn’t worth the price.

No one likes pressure, tension, or conflict. This concise but thorough book teaches readers how to say “no” to guilt trips, unreasonable demands and various other manipulation stratgies. The principles and responses are all designed to help the reader to set appropriate boundaries without unnecessary conflict. No excuses, no justifications. Just the ability to reclaim their power, one boundary at a time.

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About Stephanie Sterner
Stephanie Sterner has been a holistic practitioner for over 20 years. She began the Set Your Boundaries Your Way series in March of 2012 and continues to write books and articles for the series. Her inspiration comes from an intense study of human nature, including her own.

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Stephanie Sterner
Johannesburg, South Africa