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Ebookily Launches to Provide Single Online Space for Free Digital Document Downloads

Ebookily is a new website created specifically to provide a home for free to download digital documents to keep people entertained and informed on a wide range of subjects.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Digital documents are now one of the most versatile in existence, as tablets, e-readers, phones and computers are all capable of displaying them. Adobe’s PDF format is by far the most popular for such documents, but they are also created in TXT plain text and XLS spreadsheet format to better convey certain details. The issue for many is finding the right documents for their interests. Ebookily is a new website that aggregates PDF, TX and XLS files from around the internet in order to provide users with a single resource from which to find key documents.

The site is ideal for finding a huge variety of PDF manuals, an invaluable resource for anyone with cars, electronic equipment or devices for which they have lost the paper manual and require instructions. Equally, the site offers conversion software so that anyone who cannot read PDF files can easily convert them to a wide array of other formats.

The site is already adding new sections for word and PowerPoint documents, and is busy cultivating a proactive social media following to ensure that as many people as possible know about the new resource and find out about it from friends.

A spokesperson for Ebookily explained, “Ebookily is an exciting new project and we are thrilled to be able to make these resources readily available from a single location. Often individuals don’t know where to look for a wide variety of documents and ended up finding the bowels of a years-old forum trying to retrieve timed out attachments. No more, as they can now easily and quickly find the documents they are looking for using our optimized database of tens of thousands of documents and download them direct from our site, which has 100% uptime and fast transfer speeds to ensure this free service is seamless too.”

About Ebookily
Ebookily is a newly launched online database that automatically aggregates and hosts PDF, XLS and TXT documents. Users can then search the database by document name and type to find pertinent documents which can be easily downloaded to devices or read online. The site is constantly updated and new files are being added all the time. For more information please visit: