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eBookWeek Provide a Platform for Review Posting and Viewing


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- eBookWeek opens its website as a source of independent book, e-books, pdf, and other forms of media reviews and for contributors who want to publish a review blog for media in the technology, self-help, finance, and health niches.

They currently have reviews posts about the following:

body building
detox and cleansing
skin care
weight loss

gambling and betting
making money online
trading systems

wealth and success

green energy

eBookWeek will continue to provide an avenue for contributors who want to represent their review blog posts on Contributors must comply with the terms and conditions established by the website operator, especially those concerning the posting, securing, and maintenance of the bog and content they post on this site. Content must adhere to the sources intellectual property rights and should steer clear from privacy and publicity violations.

eBook Week directs site viewers to review pages for each item, which can connect them to the website where the item in review can be purchased. In each review, the ratings, price, and other information about the product are included. Download links can also be found in the website. Similar to other review sites, It allows site users to leave comments for the benefit of other viewers.

Product reviews in this website are comprehensive, including the basics of the product: its contents, advantages and disadvantages, and a summary of the discussion or topic addressed by the product.

The contributor's service account on the website is subject to setup and periodic fees. Fees will be debited in advance at the beginning of the service contract. Services may be terminated at the account holder's discretion.

About eBookWeek
eBookweek is an independent review blog website of media from varying niches including health, finance, self-help, and technology. Contributors who aim to operate blogs or content at the may open a service account in this website.

Content submission to eBookWeek permits a global, free, and non-exclusive license for the reproduction, alteration, adaptation, and publication by the website. These activities will be done by eBookWeek for exhibit, circulation, and endorsement purposes that will benefit your blog. The contributor may remove his content; the eBookWeek operator will consequently try to erase the content from the website. However, eBookWeek cannot be held responsible for the presence of the content removed in caches, which may take longer to be deleted.

eBookWeek does not represent any content that is posted in its website. This is an endorsement and distribution platform allowing internet users to access review content for their chosen topics. Site viewers are accountable for taking precautionary measures in guarding themselves and their devices from potential threats such viruses and other damaging content that may be acquired from the review posts. Contributors, on the other hand, are in authority of any content that they post on the site. It is their responsibility to produce correct and secure content. Keywords and content deemed as misleading may be removed from the website upon the site operator's discretion.