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EC Innovations, Inc. Passes the International Translation Quality Certification or ISO17100


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- EC Innovations, Inc. is proud to announce that they have passed the International Translation Quality Certification or ISO17100, which proves their expertise in delivering quality translation service to their clients across the world. As an ISO17100 compliant service provider, clients are guaranteed to receive only quality translation for any purposes for any project they require.

Since the ISO17100 is detailed and complex, companies pay attention to working hard to make sure that they can completely comply with its standards. This is what EC Innovations, Inc. did to pass the certification standards and be able to guarantee their clients their expertise in their translation services.

As EC Innovations, Inc. passes the ISO17100 certification, they are proud to announce that they are offering quality website localization service. Since the company is aiming to provide quality services when it comes to automation localization workflows, they want to help clients in improving their efficiency in reaching their target market easier and faster. The company wants to provide all of these services while making sure that clients can achieve these with reduced costs. Their services will include a project manager, localization manager, vendor manager, and globalization manager that allow them in managing a complete localization project for every client. The company's ability of passing the ISO17100 makes them a credible company for providing translation services especially with every client's localization goal.

With the company's efforts in passing the ISO17100, the company wants to let people gain awareness that they can actually get quality website localization service from the company. People are guaranteed to get the best translation service to ensure that they can reach their target market in a certain area location.

About EC Innovations, Inc.
EC Innovations, Inc. is operating in Chicago, IL. The company is providing a Translation Business Management System that is backed by their expertise in translation service based from the ISO17100 standards. They specialize in offering website localization service that meets all applicable specifications of every client. Interested clients can visit their site to get to know more of their expert services.

To get more information about the company as well as the services that they are offering, do visit their website at

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