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ECE Units Provides Guide to Early Childhood Education


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2012 -- Early Childhood Education has become increasingly important as public awareness of its benefits has developed. High quality preschool education is a springboard that enables children to hit the ground running as they enter mainstream education. The importance of ECE has been recognized by President of The United States Barack Obama, who is featured on ECE Units discussing its importance and the need for further development in the field to benefit education at large.

ECE Units is a website developed to give advice and guidance on Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Early Childhood Development (ECD) courses. These courses are essential to those looking to work in preschools, but the site provides insight into how an early childhood development degree or equivalent number of ECE Units can open up doors into further careers. Under jobs, it lists a variety of career trajectories and how to apply oneself to them, including the obvious choices like teaching and assistant teaching, but also more lateral choices like School Counselling, Education Administration and Library careers. The site also gets into detail on specialist fields like early childhood special education.

The site offers a full summation of what ECE Units are and what they’re useful for. It gives no-nonsense, plain English descriptions of the terminology to help prospective students get to grips with the field, explaining “Early childhood development assists parents by starting their formal education sooner in life, to help prepare them for interaction at both social and intellectual levels.”

The site provides information on Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Development courses, from formal degrees to certifications that can be attained by accruing ECE units through individual short courses, about which information is also provided. Details of online courses and education institutions can be found. The intention is that if someone interested in taking courses already has a full or part time job or other commitments that prevent them from entering full time education, they still see that there are options available.

A spokeswoman for the guide described its focus to us, “This is primarily an information site to help early childhood educators understand what ECE units are and help them in their studies/careers as an early childhood educator (ECE). Aspiring students and current ECE's will find this site useful because it will help them achieve career and educational goals. The site provides them with premium information that no other site does.”

About ECE Units
ECE Units is a website dedicated to providing information on courses and careers in the field of early childhood education. For more information, please visit: