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Echoes in the Universe: A Spiritual Memoir, Told Through Narrative Poems, Empowers Readers to Reconcile Spiritual Beliefs with the Physical World

Masterfully crafted by Leonard Goodwin, ‘Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir’ fuses the author’s gripping and uplifting life story with bold insights into our country’s recent history, faith and everyone’s place in the world. From the Great Depression to the United States’ first African-American President, Goodwin reminds each reader that they are on a spiritual adventure that's grounded in the Earth band echoes in the Universe. The memoir has recently been declared a winner in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards Contest.


Mount Juliet, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- The world is currently experiencing dramatic spiritual, social and environmental changes; leading many to question to their historical place within them. By melding his own life story with powerful insights into history and spiritual belief, author Leonard Goodwin’s new book helps the frustrated embrace life’s adventure.

However, ‘Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir’ isn’t just a life story, but an empowering collection of narrative poems that collectively achieve something bigger than life itself.


In a series of narrative poems Leonard Goodwin places his life experiences as child, husband, father, teacher, social researcher in the context of social events that have shaped our world.

These events include growing up in Brooklyn during The Great Depression, World War II, the Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon years in Washington, election of an African-American President and time beyond the Mayan Calendar. Later in life he undergoes spiritual experiences including that of transmitting energy to the Earth from the Sound Angel realm and helping to open an energy portal under the Vatican in Rome. The interplay of everyday and spiritual experiences illustrate how challenges orchestrated by Dark Forces (including childhood traumas and a near death heart attack) can be welcomed and interwoven with opportunities fostered by Light Forces to further spiritual development. This volume is a reminder that each of us is on a spiritual adventure that is grounded in the Earth and echoes in the Universe.

“Our rapidly-changing world presents many challenges, and my book was written to help people overcome them while achieving their full potential,” says Goodwin, a retired professor and social psychologist. “It’s something of a catalyst for starting a new life of continued development, as the inspiration my book provides continues long after the final page is turned. Everything readers have learned then needs to be applied to the real world.”

Continuing, “The poems and narrative will naturally resonate with those who embrace their spirituality, but will also be of vital importance to adults who lived through the historical events I recount—including the 1939 New York World’s Fair, Kennedy’s inauguration, the riots following Martin Luther King’s assassination, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, the 2012 presidential campaign. Those with social concerns about poverty and inequality will also enjoy learning about the shared values between the poor and middle class. There’s something for everyone.”

To date, the book has garnered rave reviews. For example, Dana Micheli comments, “Goodwin’s spiritual experiences, including a near-death experience after a heart attack, flow like a waterfall through the mind, flooding both the conscious and subconscious. Most importantly, though, Goodwin masterfully ties these two worlds together, illuminating for his readers not only his path, but everyone’s. Echoes in the Universe is as “must read”.

S. Gallegos adds, “What an interesting way of reading about someone's life, through a series of narrative poems. This was a first for me and I have to say I really enjoyed it! Besides making it an easy read, it really just gave you the parts in Leonard's life that he felt had the most impact on his life. When you read a memoir from someone it is usually filled with too many details and at times you get lost in the story. This had just the facts and told us about how his family dealt with certain events in American history.”

‘Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1m5oekj. For more information and continued debate, visit the author’s official website: http://leonardgoodwin.com.

About Leonard Goodwin
Leonard Goodwin is a retired professor and social psychologist who resides with his wife in a Del Webb active adult community outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Previously he was on the faculty of Earlham College, the staff of the Fulbright Exchange Program, and the staff of Brookings Institution in Washington DC. He also served as Professor and Head of the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has published numerous professional articles and the following professional books: Do The Poor Want To Work?: A Social Psychological Study Of Work Orientations; Can Social Science Help Resolve National Problems?; Causes And Cures Of Welfare. His poetry has appeared in a number of publications.