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eCig Brand Announces Free Trial Starter Kit to Reduce Toxins, Live a Healthier Lifestyle and Help Benefit the Global Environment


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Users have rated the ECig starter kit as one of the most popular products on the market for its wealth of features. It doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemical compounds formed by burning tobacco, emits no second hand smoke, and allows smokers to enjoy a very social activity in venues where traditional cigarettes have been banned.

The ECig free trial starter kit offered here features the exclusive Regal technology. Users receive five tobacco flavored cartmizers that are equal to 400 puffs each, along with a wall charger, USB charger for use with PCs or laptops, and a car charger for complete portability. The kit includes a rechargeable lithium battery, storage case, collector’s gift box and lifetime warranty.

The cartomizer technology allows smokers to obtain the nicotine they crave without toxic substances. Each puff is a mixture of nicotine and water vapor that emits no smoke. For individuals who smoke a pack of regular cigarettes each day, the average smoker will experience savings of approximately $900 over a 12-month period with an eCig.

Electronic cigarette products have been endorsed by an extensive array of celebrities, Dr. Travis Stork of the popular TV series “The Doctors”, along with Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco. eCigs provide smokers with a cost effective means of eliminating unhealthy chemicals from their life or quitting completely.

Traditional cigarettes pose significant health risks to smokers and those around them through second hand smoke, but they also offer extensive risks to the environment that most individuals never consider. Some smokers simply toss the remainder of their cigarettes out their vehicle windows. In dry climates that can easily lead to forest fires that destroy million-acre tracts of essential forests that help supply critical oxygen for the planet.

Approximately 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are deposited in the world annually. Those that are improperly disposed of get washed into waterways and contaminate domestic and wild plantings. Tillable ground for tobacco is responsible for mass deforestation. More than 600 million trees are destroyed each year to clear terrain to farm tobacco and build fires to cure the harvested leaves.

The ECig starter kit provides smokers with a healthier means of satisfying their nicotine cravings, while offering individuals the way to make a significant beneficial impact on the environment. The starter kit is a risk free way to eliminate the dangerous chemicals in tobacco, begin the process of quitting, and living a healthier lifestyle.

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