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eCig Vision Publishes Their Best E Cigarette Brands Discounts


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Ms. Brandel lists what she believes to be the best of the best e cigarette brands discounts on her site, eCig Vision. The site lists 20% codes for Vapor4Life and Apollo among the best. Green Smoke’s 10% discount codes should benefit longtime users of the Florida-based company while a 15% discount on White Cloud and V2 Cigs will help out their patrons. Users should note that specific codes only apply to specific criteria per details listed on eCig Vision’s page. In order to use the codes listed, one must simply click the orange copy function button on the eCig Vision webpage and click the blue visit button. After navigating to the electronic cigarette retailers website, place the product of choice in their cart and paste the code into the appropriate box. Ms. Brandel recommends electronic cigarette buyers to check her list periodically as new codes are made available by various e-cig companies.

Created by Laura Brandel in 2013, eCig Vision has grown steadily to form a strong online following of electronic cigarette users. The website focuses on providing a more objective review of all that is in electronic cigarette market to date. E-cigarettes are the invention of a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik, who came up with idea for such a device after his father passed away from lung cancer.

The modern e-cig offered by most of today’s electronic cigarette brands is typically comprised of a cartomizer and battery. Contained inside the cartomizer are the atomizer and e-liquid filled cartridge. Many heavy tobacco smokers have either chosen to or been encouraged to switch to electronic cigarettes primarily due to their lack of tobacco. The burning of tobacco is often to blame for the harmful effects commonly associated with tobacco cigarettes. With such an appeal, it should come as no surprise that electronic cigarette have experience a seemingly exponential increase in sales over the few years since its introduction. As a result, many companies, including big tobacco have attempted to capture their share of the developing market.

Laura Brandel
eCig Vision
Colorado, US