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eCig Vision Releases a South Beach Smoke Review


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Laura Brandel of eCig Vision recently posted her South Beach Smoke review of their starter kit. The article details the contents of the kit, which include: a standard battery, high capacity battery, 5 cartomisers, and a USB charge cable. Batteries are available in either the automatic or manual variant. Ms. Brandel recommends the Deluxe Starter Kit for the majority of users on the go.

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are close in size to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes, which should appeal to many new e-cig users transitioning from tobacco cigs. One unique feature of their e-cigarette is the LED tip found on the battery end. The LED light’s color changes from a grey to amber as a user takes a drag. Flavor offerings are abundant with SouthBeachSmoke as they even cover nontraditional flavors such as chocolate and pina colada. According to the review, pina colada is one of the non-conventional cartomizer flavors worth trying. Battery life in the standard capacity was found to be a quarter less than that of the longer high capacity version. 200 puffs were normally produced from the standard capacity, which normally takes only a few hours to fully charge.

The Sum Up portion of the South Beach Smoke reviews on eCig Vision remarks on the impressive vapor production and taste but that the kit lacks the trending modern look seen with V2 Cigs’ products.

eCig Vision is a website based primarily on Ms. Brandel’s objective reviews of electronic cigarettes and accessories. The webpage also features a deals section with coupon codes for those interested.

Laura Brandel
eCig Vision
Colorado, US