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eCigarette Solution Introduces Line of Flavored Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges by Wanna Vape


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2012 -- Over the past several years, electronic cigarettes have really taken off in popularity. Also known as an e cigs or electric cigarettes, they are designed to give users the sensations and enjoyment of smoking without any of the harmful effects.

Each electronic cigarette contains mainly water vapor, flavoring, propylene glycol, and sometimes nicotine. Because they do not contain tobacco, e cigs can be used in places that normally do not allow traditional cigarette smoking; this includes certain airlines, restaurants and businesses.

One thing that makes electronic cigarettes especially appealing is that customers can order flavored refill cartridges that come in a variety of delicious flavors. These include options not found in regular cigarettes like fruit and spice choices.

A company has been getting a lot of attention lately for its vast selection of high quality electronic cigarettes, as well as accessories like flavored refill cartridges, cases, and more.

eCigarette Solution has been selling electronic cigarettes to its many satisfied customers since 2008. The company, which specializes in Metro Electronic cigarettes made by Nicotek, currently sells to over 16,000 customers who enjoy the taste and convenience of electronic cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette distributor recently began carrying a new line of flavored electronic cigarette refill cartridges made by Wanna Vape. For years, eCigarette Solution had sold a variety of flavored refills made by the Njoy company, in addition to the traditional and menthol selections. In July of 2012 they began carrying the Metro line by Nicotek exclusively. That is until now.

With traditional and menthol being the only flavors available from Nicotek, the staff at eCigarette Solution knew they would have to provide their loyal customers with additional flavored refill cartridges like those they have carried in the past. The company expects to have the new products in stock by May 1.

“The flavored refill cartridges will be from the Wanna Vape line but will be completely compatible with your Metro brand device or any other e-cigarette brand you have ordered from us in the past,” CEO John Austin noted, adding that initially they will carry Blueberry and Vanilla Flavor Cartridges, both in 1.8 percent strength but expect to expand their inventory to include even more flavors and strengths soon.

Using the company’s website to order is easy; customers are welcome to visit at any time and browse through the assortment of premium electronic cigarettes and related products. For newcomers to the electronic cigarette experience, the “How it Works” tab on the home page will bring customers to a helpful explanation of how electronic cigarettes work.

About eCigarette Solution
eCigarette Solution, which is owned by parent company eCommerce America, has been a distributor of premium brand electronic cigarettes since the very early days of the electronic cigarette industry. Since 2008, the company has expanded to offer several different brands of electronic cigarettes and tobacco alternatives. The family-owned business prides itself on its outstanding customer service. For more information, please visit http://www.ecigarettesolution.com