Joe Bragg Releases £4.99Promotion for Electronic Cigarettes and Made in the UK E-Liquid


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Electronic cigarettes have changed the way people think about smoking. Smoking an electronic cigarette is a much healthier experience both for the smoker and the people around that smoker. And with hundreds of different electronic cigarette brands on the market today, smokers have no shortage of options available. has gained a lot of attention for helping consumers decide which electronic cigarette would be best for their needs. At, visitors will find promotional deals for Neatcigs, an electronic cigarette brand that has UK connections. Neatcigs promises to help smokers save £2,000 per year while improving their health, and the e-liquid used by Neatcigs is made in the UK.

A spokesperson for explains how the website seeks to educate smokers:

“Those who have smoked for their entire life are watching their lifespan slowly dwindle away. We want to reverse that trend by offering a healthier alternative. We feel that Neatcigs offers the best electronic cigarette smoking experience available today. And with prices starting as low as £4.99, it’s easy to see why Neatcigs are popular throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.”

The homepage features information about the electronic cigarette industry in general and Neatcigs in particular. The website features a brief history of the electronic cigarette before discussing its health benefits and ingredients.

The spokesperson discusses how electronic cigarettes can change someone’s life due to their unique health benefits:

“It’s no secret that tobacco cigarettes are harmful to one’s health. But few people realize just how harmful tobacco can be. Electronic cigarettes contain an odourless and colourless food additive as well as nicotine. When the electronic cigarette is activated, the mixture liquefies and is inhaled by the smoker before being exhaled as harmless water vapour.”

As the website explains, the biggest advantage of smoking an electric cigarette is that there is absolutely no tar. Tar is widely regarded as the most harmful part of a tobacco cigarette.

Another advantage of e-cigs is that they can be used in places where smoking is generally not permitted, like bars, nightclubs, and even office buildings. They can be safely used around children and will not set off smoke detectors or give rooms a foul odour. Smokers do not even develop “smoker’s breath” after using the device.

For all of these reasons, electronic cigarettes aren’t going away any time soon. promises that visitors can join the electronic revolution today by clicking some of the helpful links around the website.

About aims to be the United Kingdom’s number one source for electronic cigarette information. The website features a detailed description of the health benefits of electronic cigarettes before discussing the advantages of one brand in particular – Neatcigs. Visitors can order Neatcigs through the site for as little as 4.99. For more information, please visit: