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Ecigator Features Wide Variety of High-Quality Electronic Cigarettes at Rock-Bottom Prices


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2012 -- Over the past several years, electronic cigarettes have grown rapidly in popularity. Also known as e cigarettes or electric cigarettes, they offer many of the enjoyable aspects of traditional tobacco cigarettes, only without the health concerns.

For example, the United States Food and Drug Administration has named the electric cigarette as a “Restriction of Hazardous Substances,” product. E cigs contain only non-carcinogenic agents, and are safe for people who enjoy a cigarette every now and then as well as those who smoke more regularly. In fact, since the fragrance that comes from e cigarettes is virtually odor-free, people are able to use them just about anywhere, including many hospitals, airlines and restaurants.

People who would like to give e cigs a try are often confused by the vast number of companies that sell them. It can be hard to determine which places have the lowest prices and the best tasting products.

A company has been getting a lot of attention lately for its wide variety of high quality electronic cigarettes that are all sold at incredibly low, wholesale prices.

Ecigator makes and manufactures its own electronic cigarette products, as well as a full line of e cig accessories. For large wholesaler and importers who are interested, the company, which is located in China, also features an OEM service.

“We have been recognized as one of the most reputable electronic cigarette wholesale and OEM manufacturers of the world,” an article on the company’s website noted.

“With a big no to fire, tar, carbon monoxide, ashes and stub, our professional team of people are skilled in making outstanding e-cigarettes as per your needs.”

Using the website is easy; the only difficult part might be deciding which products to buy first! Fans of e cigs are welcome to visit the website anytime and browse through the wide selection of disposable electronic cigarette products, e cig kits, electronic cigars, and much more.

For example, one type of electric cigarette that has been a brisk seller and is listed in the “Products” section of the website is the Joye EGO-T. Stable, leak-proof, and with a pleasant taste, this model is better than just about any other type of e cig on the market today.

From the moment most people try an e cig for the first time, they forget all about their unhealthy and often very expensive tobacco cigarette habit. For thousands of satisfied customers, the outstanding e cigarettes sold by Ecigator allow them to enjoy a healthy smoking experience.

About Ecigator
Ecigator stocks a wide variety of the best electronic cigarettes that money can buy. Because the company makes its own products, they can pass the savings along to their valued customers by offering wholesale prices. The company, which is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturer based in China, also offers an OEM service for interested clients. For more information, please visit http://www.ecigator.net/