Joe Bragg Carries Range of Electronic Cigarettes to Help Quitters Everywhere


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- Smoking has seen an interesting trajectory over its history. The ubiquity of smoking in the 1950’s has now given way to a social campaign to rid the world of smoking, informed by the scientific advancements that have conclusively shown smoking can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. Quitting has become a fashion, and there’s plenty of social pressure to do it.

No country has a more storied history with quitting smoking than China; as a nation it overcame mass addiction to opium smoking in the previous century, through rigorous legislation and enforcement.

It should come as no surprise then that Chinese company Ecigator is leading the way in taking the quitting fashion to the next level, with trendy accessories that will help people quit the dangerous aspects of the habit by providing a safe, sleek simulation.

The electronic cigarettes work by releasing non-carcinogenic nicotine agents in a non-toxic vapour that simulates the smoking experience, but dissipates cleanly into the atmosphere after use.

Ecigator’s products come in a variety of styles, from the futuristically named ECT-3000 with a burnished steel-style casing that would look at home in Metropolis, to the camouflaged eGo-T that would look right at home next to an fountain pen, to the almost indistinguishable naturalism of the EC906, which aims to accurately represent a real cigarette for those who want to blend in.

The delivery mechanism is only the half the story, as Ecigator has also innovated flavoured vapours to be used with their atomizers, allowing smokers to explore different taste experiences as they smoke- a portable pocket hookah for the more bohemian set.

All these products are available from the website and come with an extensive breakdown of the composition of components and specifications as well as high quality images and a guide to usage, with advice given on the pros and cons relative to different products to make sure consumers make the right choice.

A spokesman for Ecigator was confident in the products’ success, explaining, “These products are set to see a boom as public smoking bans stretch across the world and safe alternatives can still be used indoors, preventing the increasing social exclusion smokers feel as well as, naturally, providing health benefits by being non-carcinogenic alternatives.”

About Ecigator
Ecigator is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturer from China, established in 2010 to provide e-cigarettes as well as OEM and ODM provisions through wholesale service all over the world. For more information please visit: