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eCigMod Canada Says Consumers Rush to Get E-Cig Kits as Governments Consider Regulation

The jury is still not out on whether governments around the world will begin cracking down on the “safer” alternative to smoking. Consumers don’t seem to mind.


Kelowna, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- By the end of 2013 the electronic cigarette market is expected to grow to an amazing $1.7 billion in sales in the United States. Incredible as the industry was virtually non-existent just a few years ago. While it’s now expected millions have transitioned from dangerous tobacco products to e-cigarettes, the jury is still not out on whether governments around the world will begin cracking down on the “safer” alternative to smoking.

In the United States, the FDA is set to weigh in on electronic cigarettes, and regulations could substantially affect the way e-cigarettes are sold and marketed. In neighboring Canada, the federal health body Health Canada, has yet to fully weigh in on e-cigarettes but a ban has been put in place on retailing liquid used for the devices that contain nicotine. This has not stopped the sale of these devices, and they’re regularly available in any Canadian city. Other countries are in similar states of limbo over the product.

While slow moving governments and bureaucracies around the world debate the merits and potential dangers of e-cigarettes, many consumers will take matters into their own hands. Tobacco smoking has been proven to be extremely dangerous, and a staggering 1 in 2 smokers will eventually die from the habit. Using an e-cigarette, while unlikely to be completely harmless, has accrued more and more evidence to be exponentially less damaging than smoking traditional tobacco.

One popular retailer in Canada, eCigMod, specializes in custom e-cig starter kits from the biggest brand names in the industry. Sales have grown exponentially since opening in 2012, and the company is now one of Canada’s top retailers of high quality personal vaporizers and supplies. While one can find similar vendors opening up all across the country, the Canadian market is still completely unregulated. This is expected to change as early as Q1 2014.

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