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Ecigs and Hookahs Offers Good Prices on Hookah Pens

Ecigs and Hookahs is currently offering affordable prices on their flavored hookah pens.


Rosedale, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- A hookah pen can be defined as being a flavored electronic vaporizer. Both hookah pens and e-cigarettes have similar construction. While most of these pens do not contain nicotine, there are some that do – it would be a good idea if consumers check with the brand in order to make sure it does not contain nicotine. A site called has a wide selection of pens at an affordable price.

Many consumers who have never tried the product are curious to know how hookah pens taste. Most of these flavored hookah pens are available in a couple of different flavors. The site owner recommends purchasing as many different flavors, until the consumer finds the flavor they are 100% satisfied with.

Some of the flavors include:

- Watermelon Flavor
- Coffee Flavor
- Pineapple Flavor
- Fruit Punch Flavor
- Green Apple Flavor
- Grape Flavor

The flavors mentioned above may or may not be listed on the site. One things is guaranteed, each one of the pens being sold at eCigs and Hookahs are made out of high quality and guaranteed to last for as long as they say they will. Take note that some brands could last up to 400 puffs, while others can last for up to 500 puffs and beyond.

Things That Can be Done with a Hookah Pen

Users can do various things with the hookah pen. There’s many videos posted via YouTube of people creating smoke rings – they can do this, safely, with these pens. Users can learn various smoke tricks and more. Users who aren’t interested in smoke tricks are more than likely interested in it for the sheer pleasure it brings.

About eCigs and Hookahs
eCigs and Hookahs is 100% dedicated to selling top of the line eCigs, Hookahs and Hookah pens. The site owners are focused on making hookah pens affordable to the general public.

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