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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- Those who are looking for (or perhaps do not know they are looking for) a better alternative to smoking are encouraged to consider vaping. Ecigs International recommends their e-cigarettes as a popular way to enjoy smoking without the same harmful side effects. Having many irresistible perks, vaping has become an increasingly favored choice for a multitude of different reasons.

E-cigarettes are designed without an open burning area; this innovative device is a battery-operated mod unit, which involves a fire button instead. This button, when activated, releases vapor from e-juice in the atomizer tank. This vapor is then inhaled and expressed through the mouth, nose, or both, expelling only the sweet, minty, or flavored smell of the e-juice.

E-cigarettes do not produce a smoky smell that clings to clothes, cars, or curtains; it is simply vapor. Because it is vapor and requires no burning point, ash or grime is not accrued either. This makes for an easy and simple clean-up or none at all. The worst that can happen is if some e-juice is spilled while being loaded! Vaping is the perfect choice when wanting to avoid the mess and the odor.

Among its many other pluses, is also the amount of e-juice selections. At Ecigs International, there are so many choices to look through, it would be impossible not to find the perfect flavor to fit any palate. With all kinds of wholesale vape juices and tastes imaginable, Ecigs International's vape store in Horsham, PA is one certainly to be explored.

Take action now and start trying out an e-cigarette today! Contact Ecigs International by calling them at: 888-571-8486.

About Ecigs International
Founded in 2010, Ecigs International is a Philadelphia-based vapor product seller. Serving Southeastern, PA with their retail locations, the company produces and ships their own juices, including their premium line of e-liquid, Six Realms.

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