Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Announces Eco>Absorb Emergency Rolling Response Kit Available for Purchase


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- Ontario, CA-based company, Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that their Eco>Absorb™ Emergency Rolling Response Kit is available for purchase immediately. Eco>Absorb™ is an innovative spill management solution that is entirely free of crystalline silica. It is effective at handling any spill imaginable and is 100% safe to be used in schools, hospitals and homes.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.'s Emergency Rolling Response Kit is ideal for those who want an easy way to transport the product from one room to another. In addition to an ample supply of the product, the kit comes with ten hazmat absorbent pads, a brush and dustpan combo, one trash bag and three hazmat absorbent socks. Emergency response teams and race teams, as well as those who work on professional vehicles, will find this kit most beneficial.

The company is also proud to offer six other kit types. In fact, one that retail stores and hazardous waste handling facilities will find ideal is their Spill Center Kit. This kit can be easily secured to walls, comes with fifteen disposable bags and is designed to hold the company's 7qt, 4qt, and 2-liter bags of Eco>Absorb®.

Those who would like more information about any of the seven kits that Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. has available can visit the Products page of their website. The company can also be reached by calling them toll-free at 866-820-8050, or by filling out a contact form on their website.

About Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.
Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. was established in 2007. The company currently manufactures and distributes a green, and highly-efficient absorbent material—Eco>Absorb™. Eco>Absorb™ is a non-toxic and all-natural absorption product that many homeowners, businesses, schools, as well as various other commercial and industrial institutions use across the country.

To learn more about Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. and Eco>Absorb™, please visit the company's website