Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Announces Eco>Absorb Large Emergency Spill Kit Is Available for Purchase This March


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that their Eco>Absorb® Large Emergency Spill Kit is available for purchase this March. The company allows customers to purchase Eco>Absorb® in bulk or by the bag. However, those would like to purchase larger quantities that come with add-ons, such as trash bags or a pair of gloves, can opt for their Large Emergency Spill Kit.

This spill kit is a portable spill response solution devised to immediately react to small and moderate sized spills. It is perfect for cleaning transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, and various other hazardous materials. Some of the things that come with this kit include, but are not limited to, ten hazmat absorbent pads, dust pan and broom, one pair of safety glasses, and three hazmat absorbent socks. Race teams, emergency responders, auto shops, and mechanics will find this spill kit ideal.

In addition to the Large Emergency Spill Kit, the company also provides a Bio Hazard Kit, Standard Emergency Kit, Spill Center Kit, and an Emergency Rolling Response Kit. Inevitably, no matter which kit a customer chooses, he or she will find that it will help to clean up almost any spill imaginable.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. takes pride in the fact that Eco>Absorb™ is an environmentally-friendly product that contains zero crystalline silica. Plus, not only is it entirely free of crystalline silica, but it has been proven to absorb spills faster than many clay absorbents, and is dust-free. Those who are interested in seeing Eco>Absorb™ in action can feel free to visit the Eco>TV page of their website.

When companies, organizations or individuals are trying to find superior absorbent products this spring, they should look no further than Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. To learn more about the company and their remarkable absorbent solution, please visit their website, or give them a call toll-free at 866-820-8050.

About Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.
Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. was established in 2007. The company currently manufactures and distributes a green, and highly-efficient absorbent material—Eco>Absorb™. Eco>Absorb™ is a non-toxic and all-natural absorption product that many homeowners, businesses, schools, as well as various other commercial and industrial institutions use across the country.

To learn more about Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. and Eco>Absorb™, please visit the company's website