Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Utilizing Green Science


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. provides environmentally friendly cleaning absorbents both online and in retail stores. This leaves less of a carbon footprint than many other cleaning solutions and has been proven to be non-toxic to humans. Scientific tests revealed that Eco-Absorbent Technologies are a safer alternative than clay-based products. This is because the company does not use any Crystalline Silica, which is a carcinogen known to cause lung damage to humans.

With warm-weather allergies everywhere, the company prides itself on its NSF International certification which means that it is safe around humans and food. Also, Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. has a proprietary dust-free formula to ensure that users do not have work with high dust products, which is one of America's biggest allergies.

The business' has an extensive product line including many eco-friendly spill kits. The Absorb® Emergency Spill Kit contains one bag of Eco-Absorb, five hazmat absorbent pads, one hazmat sock, one face mask with shield, one dustpan, one broom, a trash bag and two pairs of latex gloves. This kit is ideal for spilled fluids such as oil, antifreeze, gasoline, and many other hazardous materials.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. has over eight years of expertise. The company has always utilized 'Green Science' to provide an environmentally safe cleaning alternative for consumers. The products are all-natural and non-toxic. The company website offers numerous helpful images and videos to demonstrate the application of the products that they provide.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit or call 866-820-8050.

About Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc.
Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. was established in 2007. The company currently manufactures and distributes a green, and highly-efficient absorbent material—Eco>Absorb™. Eco>Absorb™ is a non-toxic and all-natural absorption product that many homeowners, businesses, schools, as well as various other commercial and industrial institutions use across the country.

To learn more about Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. and Eco>Absorb™, please visit the company's website